2021 Resolutions

Z, pdfdrive has a ton of college text books that you can download for free. So you may not even need to purchase them.
Almost at the 1/2 way point. How we doing men? I’m checking boxes but still a ways to go. Spending a lot more time reading The Bible and working hard to apply it. I’m redefining business growth as it’s been tough year with all the worldwide logistic issues. But I’m still well above water and moving forward, very blessed. I haven’t found any property investments but I’m going to keep my irons in the fire. Been knocking family time out the park.
So I think my goal is to get to 275 at the end of the year…that would drop me another 30-40 lbs. I’m probably never get to 240-245 like I did in my factory days. But 275 would be a really nice weight for me I think.

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