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Apr 16, 2007
All right, so I'm beginning a death march to try to catch up. I'm 1/4 of the way into the third book, and I just watched the first episode of the first season of the TV show.

No way I'm all caught up by April 12 (or whatever it is), but I'm hoping to catch up on the TV show by halfway through the season, while staying well ahead of the curve in the books.

From everything I've heard/read, this upcoming season (yes, 4/12) is going to be the first season where they seriously deviate from the books and will actually be coming up with their own story lines. I don't think they have technically passed Martin's progress yet but they will soon.

Long story short, from what most people are speculating, once you finish the 3rd book the similarities between those and the show will start to deviate. Now Martin is still involved with the TV show so he'll obviously have input there as well but nobody is even sure if he has any idea how things will end so he may not be able really help much with that part.
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Yeah, I heard it was about to start diverging, which is why I'm finally going to power through the rest of the books and the TV show simultaneously. I want to stay "ahead" in the books, so I've really got to get to it. I told Lotto last year that I'd get caught up before this season started, but I farted around and now here I am in a position where I have to binge on it. My own dumb insistence on the books is going to make it worse.
I hope they deviate from the books so the book readers are just as surprised.

Every time someone would die off, the book readers would sound along the lines of "hahahhahahah, I knew this and you didn't, na na na boo boo."

Similar, at least.

Really excited about this season. Jon Snow and Tyrion are my current favorites.
Wanted to watch GOT after I finished The Wire, but no access via Amazon Prime. So it looks like Sons of Anarchy for me.
So my big homie jon snow finna gut Ramsay or nah?

Also.. Jon snow gotta be lyanna's son, right?
Ramsay has got to get got but I don't know how soon it's going to be, and I'm afraid Rickon might suffer the consequences before Jon even knows what's going on.

At this point in time, after the flashbacks that they've been using so far this season, it seems like the theory of his parentage has almost certainly been confirmed. Haven't come out and said it yet but to go in any other direction at this point would seem strange.
I think it makes the most sense for his first stop to be Winterfell. Won't take long for him to put those pieces together.

Plus.. He can't be married to daenerys since they're kin and he's older than her so..
Jon Snow forever

Jon snow, Tyrian, and dany gonna be ridin those three dragons in the end brother take it to the bank

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