General NBA Discussion Thread.

They have a chance to be pretty good, and the're definitely fun as hell to watch. Night and day compared to the Joe Johnson/Josh Smith days.
How healthy will big Al be?

Supposedly he'll be all right. Not completely full speed to start the season, but should be within a couple months. Really looking forward to seeing him and Paul Millsap back together.
Follow-up was basically gonna be are they better than the Wiz

I'll probably get Hawks games on some random "local" channel so I may have to watch them some.

Trynna go see a Hornets game at some point.
Is Lowry hurt for a while? I vaguely remember that from the offseason.

Jonas could be sort of a badazz underneath for them. It'll be a good battle after Chicago and probably Cleveland.
I'm not sold on the Wizards being as good as everyone seems to think. The "Hey, let's add an old guy who used to be good to put us over the top!" strategy almost never works in sports.

Forgot about the Hornets. Whether they're good depends mostly on whether Lance Stephenson can carry a team. I'm thinking 6 seed for them.

In any event, that's a four-team group that will probably finish 3-6 in some way and who all have almost no chance to advance to the finals. The Hawks should be right there.
Pierce doesn't seem to fit as well as Ariza did and Beal is out for a while.

I'm a very very big John Wall fan but they may have overachieved and Pierce could just look plain bad.

I may have to venture over to the motherboard and see what Huff is thinking about this basketball season.

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