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I realized part of the issue is we usually mentioned the bad first instead of the good and I think that changes the perception of what we are talking about.
I don't do much on Facebook but I'll put it on mine as well.

As for the actual content, I don't necessarily agree with everything you guys said but I think you guys always do a really good job. Don't know if it's due to great prep or just good general knowledge, probably a combo of both, but it's always an enjoyable and informative listen.

Only about half way through this episode so there could be other items I might comment on later but the one small critique I would add is that there was way too much intro at the top of the show. Maybe it's just my personal preference but a short setting of the table is okay but I'd prefer you guys just get into it. Love podcasts in general, and yours in particular, but one thing I realized in retrospect that I liked about doing radio where we had a hard commercial break coming up was that it forced us to get straight to the point most of the time.
Hey guys, I don't know how many of you still listen or not but the last few episodes we changed it up and we are adding a little something each week to the podcasts so let me know what you guys think.
@TBreazy Freak asked me to not make a thread this week due to the issues with the podcast debacle that happened last week

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