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Apr 11, 2013
Summoning all real men of the board. Let's talk chainsaws, lawnmowers, power tools, cold beer, hot women, straight razor shaving methods, large caliber firearms and anything else that is man.
My current arsenal:

Browning 20ga Side-By-Side
Walter P99 .40cal
Glock 22 .40cal
Glock 27 .40cal
Glock 21 .45cal

Need to pick up an AR-15 soon.
Thread should be named Scotty still trying to convince himself he isn't gay volume 4
Nothing manlier than a tool that doubles as a weapon imo.

Exactly; use it in the coffee fields and if that roosters tries to eff with me again while I'm watching the Vols/Braves, then I'll be eating some fried chicken.
Have you seen the slide fire bump stocks for the ARs? Takes some getting accustomed to, but puts out insane speed.

I've seen them, they look pretty impressive. Not sure I'd be authorized to make that mod to an AR that I'm qualified on to carry on duty, though. Would have to look into it.

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