Z's "Detroit Rock City" Sports Thread

Haha yeah. I followed the Giants pretty intensely as a way to troll Jets fans (the worst) while in NYC, I was born in metro Detroit, so they were my team before the Titans naturally, and I was raised just south of Nashville so yeah. Just my f'ing luck.

You mean you're metro and from Detroit?
It'd still be dirty. It wouldn't be as magnified but dirty. Duh doesn't get a pass for being a punk ass bltch
Haha. Love how worked up you are over a game the lions had no chance to win, and how irrationally moronic you are when worked up.
Difference in passionate and moronic. Defending suh is moronic.

I think he's a dirty player. He deserves his fines. That wasn't dirty. How could he know that was Rodgers with his back completely turned to him?

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