Where is everyone?

I read his comments, what an idiot. He can't be that stupid, gotta be trolling. Gotta be
How is everyone? Z how y’all? TB how is your Mama? Wickdawg how is the baby girl? Benji how is your brother and kids? Noch hope your marriage and family life is great, and hopefully a new puppy. Love y’all. Praying for all of you
My baby girl has an attitude that rivals her mother and a sweetness that melts me like no other. Health wise she’s great. She will have a few soft spots on her skull til around 5. But she is doing great!

My boy finished his last travel ball tourney and has playoffs for football this weekend. Then a MUCH NEEDED rest from sports til basketball. His teacher is pregnant and she asked my wife for advice on how her son can become like our son. Proud dad moment there.

I hope everyone is doing great. Much love to all and I will also be lifting all of you and yours up in prayer. Taking a break from the mothership for a while. School is exhausting!

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