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  1. Vercingetorix

    Where is everyone?

    At this point I don't even care about nationally competitive. I just want to beat Vandy and South Carolina and Missouri. Gotta get there first.
  2. Vercingetorix

    Taking Tips on fatherhood and a pregnant woman.

    HOLY SHlT BROWN HAD A BABY? At least there's some good news. Congratulations sir.
  3. Vercingetorix

    Where is everyone?

    The whole point of hiring a top coordinator is that you feel sure that he’ll fix one side of the ball. And then 38 points vs Ga State in year 2?!? Unforgivable
  4. Vercingetorix

    Where is everyone?

    I hope it's a hell of a promotion for you to come back down to the leghumper state
  5. Vercingetorix

    New software

    Not on purpose, it's just been a really busy summer with the kids out of school. We went to California, went to Tennessee to visit family a couple times, spent a lot of evenings drinking beer at the neighborhood pool. My internet time has really taken a beating.
  6. Vercingetorix

    New software

    Yeah, I haven't really been around all summer so I had no idea this was coming. Everything looks pretty good. Interestingly, I am no longer a mod on either site. Not a big deal since about all I was doing was merging threads and cleaning up broken tags, but yall are going to have to fix your own...
  7. Vercingetorix

    New software

    Also this: Scotty's Flat Top;24607 said: Verc pulls up to the gas station. Goes on a rant about the price of gas to his children. Goes in pays for 2 bug juices, a batch of hours old chicken livers, and a knock off orangish red tinted non-licensed Tennessee hat. Gets in the car, continues rant...
  8. Vercingetorix

    New software

    Yep. I hate it. Hahahaha Interesting to see that Freak ran a whole test over here on the Chop. Too bad I missed it
  9. Vercingetorix

    Game of Thrones chat with Lotto

    All right, so I'm beginning a death march to try to catch up. I'm 1/4 of the way into the third book, and I just watched the first episode of the first season of the TV show. No way I'm all caught up by April 12 (or whatever it is), but I'm hoping to catch up on the TV show by halfway through...
  10. Vercingetorix

    AJ Johnson discussion

    Figured a thread will be useful for this. Surely some of you guys have some inside information or at least know what the current rumors are. Anyone read anything?
  11. Vercingetorix

    The John Schuerholz Sucks Thread

    Because this is really all that's going on with the Braves these days.
  12. Vercingetorix

    Okay Dbake

    What is the deal?
  13. Vercingetorix

    The Perfect Host

    Hey cheapskates, shoot me an email so I can send you a link to download. Apc878 at gmail dot com. If y'all download it one at a time it shouldn't trip my bandwidth limit.
  14. Vercingetorix

    Hey Wu

    Thus speaketh Big Wickman This was in regard to an article you posted about Moseley over in the RF. He's worried about lawyers.
  15. Vercingetorix

    Lady Vol Ball

    What's it gonna be? Swept in the super regional? Reach the WCWS, then bow out immediately? Choking away a lead in the championship game again? How will God punish us this time?
  16. Vercingetorix

    The TBrown Memorial Tax Day Braves vs Phillies lifeboat thread

    Getting ugly over there.
  17. Vercingetorix

    Important burger question for Noch

    You recently mentioned a burger with crab meat and a fried egg on it. Was this crab meat loose, or was it packed together into a sort of crab-cake thing on top of the burger?
  18. Vercingetorix

    TBROWN (Baby Please Come Home) (Dear Freak, is it easy to turn on Youtube embedding over here? Thanks)
  19. Vercingetorix

    Spam spam spam spam spam

    We must have shown on some search engine somewhere. Man.
  20. Vercingetorix

    Evan Gattis


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