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  1. Chief

    Where is everyone?

    You may be right. Now, even his takes on the weather are dumb lol.
  2. Chief

    Freak's Board Software upgrade thread 2023

    Happens when you press and happen to drag at all
  3. Chief

    Anybody checking in over here?

    Haven't logged in over here in months. Looked like a spammer convention in here. Just nuked a ton of posts.
  4. Chief

    Who's your favorite obscure Brave from the past?

    I always liked Tony Graffanino and Tony Tarasco . . . mainly because I liked to say their names.
  5. Chief

    Leo Mazzone says . . .

    The ball is juiced. Just heard him talking about holding a baseball and noticing how it felt like a rock and that he couldn't move the seams like he could in the past. He thinks MLB is juicing the ball because it can't juice the players.
  6. Chief

    Justin Upton is good

    That is all.
  7. Chief

    Individual tickets

    Anybody know when they go on sale?
  8. Chief

    The Second Half Starts today!

    Have the Braves got enough in the tank to put a run together and win this thing?
  9. Chief

    Who would you like to see succeed Bobby Cox?

    Chances are, Bobby is in his final couple of years. Who are some candidates to be his successors? Off the top of my head, the names I think of are Terry Pendleton, Brian Snitker, Glenn Hubbard and Ned Yost.
  10. Chief

    Leo Mazzone out of a job?

    With the firing of Sam Perlazzo from the Orioles today, Leo Mazzone's status is up in the air. He left Atlanta specifically to work for his best friend since childhood. Think he'd be interested in getting his old job back?
  11. Chief

    Andruw's "Slump"

    Is it really a slump at this point or are we looking at diminishing skills? Is it possible to be this big a head case 11 years into a big league career?
  12. Chief

    Jarrod Saltalamacchia

    Braves star of the future or big ole hunk of trade bait? Discuss
  13. Chief

    Lineup tidbit . . .

    Andruw Jones was a late scratch from the 2nd game of the doubleheader against the Red Sox. Prior to that, Cox had him in the lineup but had dropped him to 6th in the order.
  14. Chief

    Wickman back in the closer role

    Sounds like Wickman will assume his old job starting today. Not really surprising news. Hopefully Wickman will once again be able to find the strike zone.
  15. Chief

    Adruw Jones in Today's AJC

    You'd think that by the time he was 30, he'd be a little smarter than this. Unreal. :confused:
  16. Chief

    Big time pitching matchup tonight

    Smoltz vs. Maddux - That's about as good as it gets. Smoltz supposedly has something planned for Maddux during the game.
  17. Chief

    The first Braves game you attended in person . . .

    Mine was in 1981 when I was 8 against the Reds. I remember Johnny Bench hitting a HR and I got to shake Rafael Ramirez's hand after the game. ;D
  18. Chief

    John Rocker's Dad died this morning

    He was involved in a fatal auto accident not too far from where I live this morning. The poor guy was looking into the sun and turned in front of a dump truck.

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