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    The investigation was inadvertently started by...

    Trey Smith’s sister. She casually dropped it in Plowman’s lap. It was all so open she assumed she knew. Didn’t want that on the mother ship
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    Going dark boys.

    Logging out of social media and the ole VN dot com in an effort to be the best dad/husband I can be. And to try to stop being a slave to tech. I’ll be around on occasion. Brown has my number and email if anyone needs me. Go big damn Vols. Go BRAVES. Go Mike Trout. Go Tennessee Mariotas.
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    Because why not. This is not my info, I know who got and that the guy he got it from would absolutely know. Explains a lot of the smoke from the first dance with one Sir Jon Gruden.
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    Taking Tips on fatherhood and a pregnant woman.

    Baby on the way for ole Scott
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    Official Marcus MariGOATa Appreciation Thread (1st installment)

    Discuss his greatness quietly amongst yourselves.
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    Cliffs on the last few weeks

    Hit me with the deets. Does Ben still prefer Asians?
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    Break out your fine furs and linens, toast your finest Brandy

    Archer has stumbled out of the wilderness.
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    Save the Chop

    Someone, somehow free the breeze. This place is slipping away.
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    Free My Brother Brown

    Chop needs him, and he the chop.
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    EE update

    Early enrollee notes Shy Tuttle is really good in tiny spurts, but gets tired very quickly which causes him to get lazy. Needs to get in much better shape to be any kind of factor in the fall. In other news I think it is safe to say Dormady is MILES ahead of Jennings in the backup QB derby. If...
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    Feb 1 2015

    The Decision.
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    Montreal Expos

    They were world class. Then they became the Natinals. Crying damn shame.
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    Wayne Gretzky

    The GOAT of all the GOATS.
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    Jessica Biel

    Now that's a damn woman.
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    Iowa Hawkeyes is a conqueror?

    No. Tennessee Vols are Alexander. They are no Alexander. We are the best ever. There's never been anybody as ruthless. We are Sonny Liston. We are Jack Dempsey. There is no one like us. We are from their cloth. There is no one who can match Tennessee VOLS. Our style is impetuous. Our defense is...
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    I don't want to be a product of my environment

    I want my environment to be a product of me.

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