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  1. wU-Tang Vol

    Things Better Than Vols Football Thread

    Waiting at the DMV Arguing with Nati Vampire Diaries Wine Coolers Breaking an Arm Florida Georgia Line Hangovers Well Done Steak PJ Georgia St
  2. wU-Tang Vol

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, Gentlemen

    Hope all of you, and your families, have a safe and awesome Holiday. Also, if you have a badass gift or something sports related, post it.
  3. wU-Tang Vol

    What's In Your Water

    So, I find my new job incredibly fascinating. I get to see what exactly is in your every day faucet water and drinking water, and it's a lot more complex then I assumed it would be. So, thought y'all might wanna know what you're drinking. So, well pull water from the Cumberland River, or better...
  4. wU-Tang Vol

    The Tennessee Volunteers vs The Iowa Chickenf***ers

    Vols a 3 point fav. Easy money
  5. wU-Tang Vol

    THE BIG ORANGE vs a D-II Team out in West End

    I genuinely believe we win by 40+
  6. wU-Tang Vol

    Your Tennessee Vols vs the USCe Petermans

    Vols 27-23. Starts a run of 4 straight dubs ti get to 7-5 and Josh Dobbs has a nice foundation for next year. This website is awesome to show how our D has improved and how JD has opened up the playbook Football Concepts | Football Scheme Breakdowns – Tennessee Vols, Philadelphia Eagles...
  7. wU-Tang Vol

    Congratulations Scott!

    What's your new last name?
  8. wU-Tang Vol

    Wu's Bonaroo Preparation

    In before Ben says isn't this thread cute. I'm going to Bonaroo June 12-16 and I need a list of things I need to carry. I've got a tent, a hydration pack to fill with whatever beverage I desire on the go, a sleeping pad, couple coolers. But I figured with the experience this forum has built...
  9. wU-Tang Vol

    Lifeboat Movie/TV Series Suggestion Thread

    What should I be watching gentlemen?
  10. wU-Tang Vol

    Panty Dropping 101 by Verc

    Enlighten us with your early '90's seductive techniques
  11. wU-Tang Vol

    All Vol..

    I think you're e-mail is spamming me. Unless you're trying to get me to buy bikes.. in which case thanks, but I'm not interested lol
  12. wU-Tang Vol

    Braves Thread March Madness Bracket

    Who's in?
  13. wU-Tang Vol

    Ben's Birthday Blowout

    So, I've got the Asian strippers and blow on my tab. What's everyone else bringing? GWN hosting of course
  14. wU-Tang Vol

    #TNS Thread

    Because sleep is for pu**ies
  15. wU-Tang Vol

    Lotto is in!!!!

    Welcome, Braves Chop newest member, Lottery Pick
  16. wU-Tang Vol

    Music Suggestion Thread

    What should I be listening to? Who out there is good that I've never given a shot? Go
  17. wU-Tang Vol

    Them Vols offseason thread

    Apparently Pig Howard is having some personal/grades problems amd will probably miss spring ball. Coleman Thomas is showing out, good chance he starts day one. Hubbs said the coaches are very optimistic about wide outs, even with Pig missing spring
  18. wU-Tang Vol

    Braves vs Dodgers NLDS Thread

    Let's get it!
  19. wU-Tang Vol

    The Lifeboat

    Precautionary Braves Thread when it gets overran by the foreigners. The high school coaching comment forced me to do this. SMH

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