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  1. ScHoolboy Z

    Braves vs Dudgers game 3

    Let’s go crazy
  2. ScHoolboy Z

    Scotty's "DEM VAWLS" Insider Thread

    Scott I need some new info my man
  3. ScHoolboy Z

    The Joey Votto Appreciation Thread

    Where having the best OBP in baseball the last four years means you are a head case who isn't a leader, and refuses to put the team first.
  4. ScHoolboy Z

    YOUR ATLANTA BRAVES vs. The Brewers Series (3/31-4/2)

    Opening Day gentlemen and Scotty Julio Teheran takes the ball for game one to go against Yovani Gallardo. Let's get it on! Jermaine Dupri featuring Ludacris - Welcome To Atlanta - YouTube
  5. ScHoolboy Z

    Frank Wren Appreciation Thread

    Because he's that dude
  6. ScHoolboy Z

    Black Jesus raking this spring

    Watch out National League Jason about to blow up J. Cole - Blow Up - YouTube
  7. ScHoolboy Z

    I almost guarantee

    With the problems of the bullpen in Spring Training and the way Freddy Garcia has been pitching, he'll be the #5 starter and Wood becomes the 8th inning guy to start the season.
  8. ScHoolboy Z

    Braves vs Philolies 3/5 Game Thread (first televised ST game)

    Beachy will be pitching today. The lineup: LF J-Blaze DH Bossman 1B Triple F RF Doumit 3B HBK 2B Popeye SS Simba C Lerud RF Terdo
  9. ScHoolboy Z

    Z's "Detroit Rock City" Sports Thread

    Pistons suck and depress me. Wings are a year or two away, hopefully they can get a defenseman during the trade deadline. The Lions hired a dead man, and not the Undertaker from WWE kind. The Tigers will win the Central again, although making Prince Fielder the scapegoat for the playoff...
  10. ScHoolboy Z

    2014 Braves Roster (if the season started tomorrow)

    Obviously this will change, but just because I want to talk some Braves. C Evan Gattis 1B Freddie Freeman 2B Dan Uggla 3B Chris Johnson SS Andrelton Simmons LF Justin Upton CF B.J. Upton RF Jason Heyward I highly doubt Dan will be with Atlanta on Opening Day. Other than that, I believe...
  11. ScHoolboy Z

    Chipper still upset about first pitch incident

    Sarcastically asking if anyone will catch the first pitch if Huddy pitches in Atlanta. Then said he wishes Kim the best in San Fran and apologized for "forgetting" Tim. From his Twitter. Let it go old man.
  12. ScHoolboy Z

    The "I miss Brian McCann and Tim Hudson" thread

    Right call by the organization to let them go, but still tough to lose them. Especially Mac.
  13. ScHoolboy Z

    Free Alex Wood

    That is all.
  14. ScHoolboy Z

    I love Triple F

  15. ScHoolboy Z

    What to do at catcher

    Liberty Media has lost its damn mind, fires Frank Wren, and makes you the GM. What do you do with Gattis/McCann?
  16. ScHoolboy Z

    April 15th Off Day Thread

    Well this sucks. No game today. In that case, shout out to Jackie Robinson today.
  17. ScHoolboy Z

    Favorite part of this team...

    There patience. They forced 30+ pitches from both Clippard and Storen in two innings.
  18. ScHoolboy Z

    The April 12th, 2013 Postgame Report

    1. The thing I think I loved the most about Atlanta was their patience late in the game. When down 4-0 like that, 90% of teams press and swing at pitches they shouldn't. The Braves didn't. They did a great job getting their pitch. Five walks in the final three innings was huge. 2. The Dale...
  19. ScHoolboy Z

    Braves nickname thread

    RF Jason Heyward- Black Jesus C Evan Gattis- El Oso Blanco 1B Freddie Freeman- Fab Five Freeman (Triple F) SP Kris Medlen- The Brim Reaper CL Craig Kimbrel- Killa Craig SS Andrelton Simmons- Simba 3B Juan Francisco- Roadrunner/#juanbomb 2B Dan Uggla- Popeye CF B.J. Upton- The Boss SP Tim...
  20. ScHoolboy Z

    Just saw Gattis taking grounders at first base

    Maybe he gets the start at first tonight.

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