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  1. TBreazy

    TBrown’s ‘Positive Vibes Only’ Opening Day Thread

    Launch the life raft!!
  2. TBreazy

    2021 Resolutions

    Still working to finalize mine ... let’s hear em.
  3. TBreazy

    Oklahoma Tailgate

    Got my tickets.. I'm there. We are two months away. What's the deal? Anybody have a designated tailgating spot? I have a great parking location that I always use. It's pretty good hike to stadium though. I don't mind supplying cornhole boards but I don't wanna carry them a mile. Let's get...
  4. TBreazy

    Wheel of Fortune

    is a great show.
  5. TBreazy

    Christmas List

    What are you telling people to get you?
  6. TBreazy

    MLB Playoff Predictions

    AL Wildcard: Oak vs KC - Oakland NL Wildcard: Giants vs Pitt - Giants ALCS: Angels over Tigers NLCS: Dodgers over Nats World Series: Dodgers over Angels
  7. TBreazy

    Fundraising ideas for breazy's boys

    We're a pretty creative bunch.. Let's get some out of the box fundraising ideas going HR Derby is already a go Poker/Cornhole Tournaments are in the works
  8. TBreazy

    Braves Thread Podcast

    Discuss amongst yourselves.
  9. TBreazy

    Braves Thread Bachelor Party

  10. TBreazy

    Big ERV SANTANA appreciate thread

    3.12.14 is dawning of a new day in Atlanta. Budget be damned. B4L
  11. TBreazy

    Scotty's very own pseudo fitness thread

    Chacos, yoga, and hiking. Go.
  12. TBreazy

    Official we gon whip Utah state ass

    Which game are we all attending this year? BUTCH FOREVER (Mods please sticky)
  13. TBreazy

    GWN's Fitness Thread

    Cause it's bout to get real in these streets
  14. TBreazy

    Best damn basketball team in the world thread

    Here is where Scotty, wU, and myself will discuss real men basketball related to YOUR MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES. Freak and GWN are welcome, seeing as how they have accepted Grizzdom into their lives and recognize the Grindhouse as the basketball Mecca. Everyone else can gtfo #GoGrizz
  15. TBreazy

    Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball

    For dbake, and whoever else: This is what I understand so far, but I'm sure I'll get a better grasp as I go along. It is a 12 team NL only league, but it's a dynasty format so crossover players are available. (ie I own CC from his time with the brewers). You may only keep two crossover...
  16. TBreazy

    Dodgers at Braves - NLDS Game One

    Here you go boys, if necessary. Kershaw vs. Medlen
  17. TBreazy

    Ole Miss at Vandy Game Thread

    Yooooooooo +1
  18. TBreazy

    Austin Peay game

    I'm in. Can't keep myself from going. I'll be there. Where are we partyin-cornhole, refreshments of various types, snack? 100.
  19. TBreazy

    Paul Janish Appreciation Thread

    No haters allowed. The glovesmith has been flashin some wood here recently. No homo. nb4 hatin

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